Hair Stylist’s birthday cake

Hair Stylist's birthday cake

Birthday cake for a hair stylist. Less than 24 hours notice on this but it was great fun to make all the little details.


Rustic Country Wedding Cake

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Rustic country wedding cake. The flowers were a mixture of dried and fresh. The twisted stacking gave a wonderfully unique surprise to this cake.

Karate dojo cake

Karate dojo cake

Cake for a karate dojo. The logo on the top was recreated in fondant. The kicking karate guys on the bottom were made from white chocolate. The cake layers were colored in the colors of the belts in the ranking system for the dojo.


50th Anniversary cake with sugar flowers

50th Anniversary cake with sugar flowers

This beautiful cake was for a friend’s parent’s anniversary. The flowers are all made from a sugar dough and dry hard so they will last forever as a special memento of your wedding.


“Under His Wings” Battenburg lace cake

“Under His Wings” Battenburg lace cake for a women’s event at a church. The scripture was taken from Psalm 91:4. This was a strawberry cake with buttercream icing. The decorations were fondant with LOTS f piping with royal icing. This is the first time I have done this type of piping called string work. I loved but it does take time.

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Country Wedding

My husband had the privilege of performing the marriage ceremony today for his niece and her new husband. It was a beautiful wedding, on the shores of Lake Gaston in North Carolina. They are both just country folk at heart, raised in rural Northeastern NC and love hunting and fishing with their combined 4 boys!

My mother-in-law (her grandmother) used to make all the wedding cakes in the family and I have inherited that job now. I wanted to make this a special cake for her from me and also from her Grandma who would have made the cake if she had been here.

She wanted me to do camouflage on the cake with hunter orange flowers, “But I want it to be classy!” I wasn’t sure if “camo” and “classy” went together in the same sentence. I even sent her pictures of horror story camo cakes from the internet.

And then she sent me her wedding invitation and there was the most beautiful graphic design of a deer with ornately embellished antlers on it. I knew right then I had to use the design on the cake.

The cake is covered in fondant and the deer head is also fondant. The antlers are hand-piped with black buttercream. The flowers are gumpaste daisies and there is a camo ribbon around the base. I love the way it came out and they were all thrilled.

Who knew? Camo and classy can go together!

My parent’s 50th Wedding Anniversary cake

I got to let my imagination run free on this cake for my parent’s golden anniversary. We chose the turquoise blue color to match my mom’s jacket and I loved the unusual color combination of gold and turquoise. The writing on the cake is 1 Corinthians 13, “The Love Chapter.” I always tell my students to not try to be perfectly even and straight with your writing because it will never look perfectly even and straight, and what do I do on this cake???


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